Digital Ad Specs

CUSTOM Article

What is it:

Appearing within the framework, the BrandAmp custom article is the cornerstone of this native product.


Page Components1.  Hero Image or Video
2.  Article
3.  Advertiser Logo
4.  Banner Ads
5.  Poll (optional)
6.  Slideshow (optional)
7.  Quiz (optional)

Hero Image Specifications

File TypePNG, GIF or JPG
Max File Size150 KB
File Dimensions1140x655
AnimationNot Allowed
Photo CreditRequired
CaptionRecommended 1-2 lines

Video Specifications

Aspect Radio16:9
Dimensions854x480 min
Frame Rate25 FPS
Auto FormatAAC
Max File Size2 GB
TitleMax 250 characters w/ spaces
CaptionMax 250 characters w/ spaces

Article Specifications

TitleRecommended 1-2 lines
Sub-TitleRecommended 1-2 lines
BylineMax 30 characters w/ spaces
BodyRecommended 300 words or more
Call-to-actionRecommended 1-2 lines

Advertiser Logo Specifications

File TypePNG, GIF or JPG
Max File Size45 KB
File Dimensions118x30
Taglines or Added TextNot Allowed
AnimationNot Allowed

Banner Ad Specifications

File Dimensions728, 300x600 and 300x250
File TypePNG, GIF, JPG or HTML5
Max File Size200 KB

Slideshow Specifications

QuantityMin 2, Max 10 images
Image File TypePNG, GIF or JPG
Image Max File Size150 KB
Image File Dimensions1140x655
TitleRequired for each image
DescriptionRequired for each image
Photo CreditRequired for each image

Poll Specifications

Type1. Single image, question and choices
2. Question and choices each with its own image
3. Text only
QuestionUnlimited characters
ChoicesMax 2, Max 16, unlimited characters
If single image436x249, JPG/GIF, 200KB Max
If multiple images231x210, JPG/GIF. 45KB Max
Display Total VotesYes or No
User may share pollYes or No
Link URLOptional
Link TitleOptional, Max 65 characters w/ spaces
Show poll resultsYes or No
DisclaimerOption, Max 100 characters w/ spaces