Digital Ad Specs

Login Wallpaper

What is it:

This highly-visible ad unit appears on the left half of the standard login page on desktop device types. The same responsive creative template is utilized by each advertiser.


Ad Components 1) Background Image
2) Knockout Logo Image
3) Body Copy
4) Disclaimer Copy (optional)

Background Image Specifications

File Types PNG, GIF or JPG
Dimensions 1000x1400
Color Overlay Blend Mode: Darken
Opacity: 50%
Max File Size 200 KB
AnimationNot Allowed
Logos, products, text, borders or line art in the imageNot Allowed

Knockout Logo Image Specifications

File Types Transparent PNG or GIF
Dimensions 300x180
Logo ColorWhite 
Max File Size 25 KB
Taglines or Additional Copy Not Allowed

Copy Specifications

Body Copy300 characters max with spaces. ALL CAPS are not allowed unless they are used for a promo code or an acronym.
Disclaimer Copy1,500 characters max with spaces

General Specifications

Allows 3rd Party Serving No
Allows 3rd PartyTracking Yes we accept only secure trackers