Digital Ad Specs


What is it:

The Mobile Reveal is a sticky ad that appears to float above the page content. It appears at the bottom of mobile web pages on page load. If the user engages with the creative the ad will remain in place. It will hide when the user scrolls down and unhide when the user scrolls back up.


This highly-visible ad has a 100% horizontal width so it can flex to accommodate various screen sizes. It consists of vertically-resizing components between multiple expansion states that allow animations and videos to play continuously across each state. Since the ad sticks to the bottom of the page, creative that features animated resizes will resize up.

There are three states that can be used in the Mobile Reveal’s creative: Intro, Collapse and Maximum. The Intro and Collapse states must be used. The Maximum state is optional.

  • Intro: This state is displayed first. It often contains an animation to attract the user’s attention. It should be no more than 150 pixels high. Once the intro is over, it should automatically close to the Collapse state. The intro should be no more than 10 seconds long.
  • Collapse: This state should be no more than 50 pixels high and must provide the user the ability to expand into the Maximum state if that state is to be used.
  • Maximum: This state is optional and should be no more than 450 pixels high. It must provide the user the ability to collapse down to the Collapse state. This state is often used to provide the user more information, display a video or map, or allow the user to submit information.

Since the Mobile Reveal can be highly customized and must be developed in-house by AARP Creative, advertisers have the option to send layered Photoshop files for each state or they can collaborate with AARP Creative to develop an amazing interactive and engaging experience for their audience. For more information on the Mobile Reveal please reach out to a sales rep.