Digital Ad Specs

standard interscroller

What is it:

This mobile only vertical ad unit is revealed as users scroll down an article page and appears “within” the article content approximately halfway down the article. When a specific amount of the ad is in view, it snaps into place. When users are done viewing or interacting with the ad, they can scroll up or down to continue viewing the article content.  A semi-transparent “Learn More” button will be added at the bottom unless instructed otherwise.


Ad Components 1) Layered Photoshop File
2) Flat Image File
3) Fonts (optional)
4) Landing Page URL
5) Tracking Tags (optional)


Layered Photoshop File
  • Dimensions: 768x1230
  • PPI: 72
  • Each element (background, logo, etc.) should be on its own layer
  • If fonts are not provided they should be converted to a smart object
  • Safety Zones: 40px top and 80px bottom
FontsFonts should be provided in a ZIP folder. If fonts are missing a substitute will be used. 
Flat Image File TypeJPG or PNG
Learn More ButtonOptional
3rd Party Serving No
3rd Party TrackingYes

Compatible with the mobile phones running Apple’s iOS, Samsung’s Native OS 4.0+ and Android’s OS (Chrome only)

Every attempt is made to optimize the creative to ensure optimal performance on mobile devices. This can include the optimization of images, fonts and animation. Also, because the creative is responsive, every attempt is made to ensure it resembles the original flat file. To ensure correctness a proof will be provided for your review prior to the start date.