Digital Ad Specs


What is it:

Ad placements within AARP affiliated newsletters and websites including The Arrow, The Ethel, The Girlfriend and Sisters. 


Required Assets1.  Sponsor Logo Image
2.  Article Image : Newsletter
3.  Article Image : Website
4. Ad Placements

Sponsor Logo Image

File Type Vector EPS preferred. High-quality TIF, JPG or PNG acceptable
Min-Max File Size 100 KB – 4 MB
Image Proportions Horizontal, 4:1 ratio (avail logo area is 4 times as wide as it is tall)
Minimum Dimensions118x30
BackgroundWhite or Transparent
Taglines or Added TextNot Allowed
AnimationNot Allowed

Article Image : Newsletter

File TypePNG, GIF or JPG
Max File Size100 KB
File Dimensions600x300
AnimationNot Allowed
Photo CreditRequired

Article Image : Website

File TypePNG, GIF or JPG
Max File Size150 KB
File Dimensions1280x704
AnimationNot Allowed
Photo CreditRequired