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Digital Ad Specs

AARP Media Advertising Network offers a full range of online display ad formats across all screens: desktop, mobile, and tablet. Check this site often for the latest specifications, guidelines, and available formats. All ads must comply with and meet AARPʼs Advertising Policies, Digital Advertising Guidelines, and be SSL Compliant.

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  • Custom Article : App

    What is it:

    The AARP Now app puts the power of membership in the palm of your hand. Stay connected with daily news stories, explore events happening nearby and discover member-only benefits and discounts. The sponsored article appears on the app's main tab and links to an article. The article can include either a video, poll or a slideshow.


    Ad Components
    1. Hero Image
    2. Article Title
    3. Article Sub-Title
    4. Article Body
    5. Advertiser Logo Image
    6. Video, Poll or Slideshow (optional)

    Hero Image Specifications

    File TypesPNG, GIF or JPG
    Max File Size150 KB
    File Dimensions375x240
    AnimationNot Allowed
    Logos, products, text, borders or line art in the imageNot Allowed
    Safe Area25px safe zone on left, right and top, 60px on bottom

    Text Specifications

    Article Title60 characters max with spaces
    Article Sub-Title130 characters max with spaces
    Article Body300 words or less

    Video Specifications

    Video FormatH.264/MP4
    Video Aspect Radio16:9
    Video Dimensions640x360 min, 1920x1080 max
    Video Length3 min max
    Frame Rate25 FPS
    Audio FormatAAC
    Max File Size512 KB

    Slideshow Specifications

    Slideshow Title90 characters max with spaces
    Images (2 min, 10 max)375x250, PNG, GIF or JPG , 150 KB max
    Image Captions125 characters max with spaces

    General Specifications

    Allows 3rd Party ServingNo
    Allows 3rd Party TrackingClick Tag
    Audio PermittedNo

    Advertiser Logo Image Specifications

    File TypesTransparent PNG or GIF
    Max File Size50 KB
    File Dimensions200x56
    AnimationNot Allowed
    Taglines, borders or line art in the imageNot Allowed