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3 Creative Best Practices for Brands

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June 9, 2016 · Share via Email LinkedIn

Today’s 50+ audience is active and living busy lives. Therefore, your brand’s marketing message can reach them anywhere, anytime and it’s more likely that they will engage simultaneously on multiple platforms with your advertising message. Today’s successful marketers know how critical it is that all of the creative assets work together to create a holistic customer experience – from print ads, direct mail, and website landing pages to call centers and retail stores.

Start with these 3 Creative Best Practices for your 360o marketing campaign
  1. If possible, create a competitive point of differentiation and reinforce it everywhere
  2. Be sure your logo or digital mark stands out – even in a 1” size and when it’s black and white
  3. Use shared or similar elements across print and digital assets, including imagery, colors, copy and calls-to-action

Frequent exposure to highly consistent, well-integrated, cross-channel creative assets will generate brand awareness, build interest, heighten recall and pay off in conversions.

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