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Why the Golden Bachelor is a go-to play for marketers to connect with 50+ consumers

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Here’s why media companies are heavily courting 50+ viewers.

Television reboots are breathing new life into beloved series like Sex and the City, Night Court, Cobra Kai and Frasier, which – in addition to reintroducing iconic characters – is proving to be a winning formula for marketers.

The Bachelor is the latest series to reimagine its format with The Golden Bachelor. Instead of the show’s traditional 20-or 30-something demo, Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner is a 71 year-old widower searching for love again.

Like similar reprisals, it promises to be a smash hit (for marketers and audiences alike).

But why?

The secret to reboot success stories lies in their legacy fanbases. When these shows debuted, most of their viewers were 30 to 50 years old. And in the time that’s passed, they’ve aged into marketing’s most dominant demo: 50+.

Here’s why ABC, HBO, Netflix and more are heavily courting 50+ viewers.

Great stories age well

Friends was off the air for 27 years when it had a record-breaking 2021 HBO Max reunion special. While The Bachelor, which premiered in 2002, has remained on the air, ratings have steadily declined.

Younger viewers aren’t tuning in the way they used to. By reframing the show to reflect its original – and now mature – audience, it’s enjoying massive buzz and piquing fresh interest.

50+ = viewership

The Golden Bachelor is setting itself up for success through network and streaming accessibility. New episodes of The Golden Bachelor will air weekly on ABC. The next day, episodes are available on Hulu, making them convenient for the rapidly growing 50+ streaming audience.

Viewers 55+ are also likely to pay the most attention to ads while watching, especially when it comes to appointment television.

They’re dating with purpose

Turner and The Golden Bachelor’s female contestants have made it clear they’re open to remarriage. With Baby Boomer divorce rates (also known as “gray divorces”) steadily on the rise, that translates into more and more 50+ singles on the dating market.

That’s good news for dating websites and apps. In recent years, people over 50 have been one the fastest growing online dating demographics. Most online dating platforms require paid monthly membership for premium access, a service that 50+ men, in particular, are signing up for. More than half of all older adults report that the main reason they’re on dating websites is to find a spouse or long-term partner.

They want to look fabulous — and will spend money doing it

The Golden Bachelor cast photo includes 22 glamorous women – aged 60 to 75 – in LBDs (little black dresses) looking so chic that they were featured by WWD. Further proving that style only improves with age (especially when there’s a healthy clothing budget), Carrie Bradshaw and her pals are significantly wealthier in And Just Like That – and their designer outfits show it.

50+ women represent the largest demo of people with $100,000 or higher incomes and make up a large portion of the fashion and beauty market. Not only are these women willing to pay for beauty and wellness products, they spend more on clothing than any other demo.

50+ consumers are living out their retirement dreams

The show is billed as a “celebration of the golden years.” Retired restaurateur Gerry Turner is doing just that, with hobbies that include pickle ball and four-wheeling. During filming, he was seen driving an ATV and spotted in Costa Rica, known for daring activities like zip-lining.

Turner isn’t the only 50+ consumer making the most of his retirement. 50+ retirees are willing to spend more on quality of life purchases, especially when it comes to travel. In fact, 50 to 61 year-olds have made up an increasingly large part of the adventure tourism market in recent years. Research also shows that with money in the bank, they’re willing to pay for elevated, immersive travel experiences.

Here’s the bottom line

50+ viewers want to see themselves reflected in the shows they watch. It’s why they’re loyal to TV reboots and revamps whose characters have matured with them. By understanding their priorities and spending habits, marketers are in a terrific position to reach this valuable consumer group with creative content that resonates with viewer’s new life stages.

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This article originally appeared in Campaign Live.