10 Reasons to Reconsider Your Programmatic Media Buy

Go Direct to AARP

October 6, 2006 · Share via Email LinkedIn

Today many agencies and brands are turning to buying their digital advertising campaigns programmatically. Why? Because it’s perceived to be cost effective and a way to test publishers. However, moving in that direction eliminates a lot of the value that can be added working with humans and not technology systems. AARP Media Sales values our client relationships and continuously provides insights on what works on our site and with our audience. This working relationship allows for negotiations and for the AARP team to better understand each advertisers’ objectives, goals and measures in order to deliver on all metrics – an ad buying platform can’t do that.

Here are 10 Real Reasons to Buy Direct
  1. Access to premium inventory
  2. Guaranteed inventory
  3. Prioritized buy – does not compete with programmatic ad buys
  4. Audience targeting available
  5. Opportunities outside traditional IAB standard banners and video
  6. Roadblock and SOV opportunities
  7. Native ad packages/custom sponsorships available
  8. Added value
  9. Relationship – high level of customer service including optimization
  10. Creative review and optimization available

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