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Each May, we give thanks to Moms and celebrate the special bond we share. Because we’re in the advertising business, it’s always interesting to see how brands connect with people of all ages to honor our Moms.

Developing marketing campaigns around events, seasons and holidays has been around long before Don Draper, but with today’s online marketing and purchasing capabilities, it’s easier than ever to spread messages that emotionally connect with customers. Here are some brands that pulled at our heartstrings.

teleflora - ryan's Unforgettable Mother’s Day Delivery to Mom

The scene: an unexpecting single mom opens the door to receive an extra special Teleflora delivery from her now adult son. This wonderfully crafted video has over 40 million views. With campaigns like this, it’s no wonder that $2.35 billion was spent on flowers last year.

Johnson & Johnson – A Mother’s Touch

Johnson & Johnson’s commercials have been delivering emotional story campaigns for decades. Who can’t sing all or part of the Band-Aid theme song? The Johnson® Baby Commercial, “You’re Okay Mom!” launched three years ago and it lives on. This year Johnson’s theme is “a mother’s touch and celebrates the connection that only a mother and child can share.

AT&T Wireless – A Mother’s Day Card from Richard

Another play on their adorable “It’s Not Complicated” ads, this year’s AT&T Wireless spot features cute kids being interviewed by AT&T’s suited spokesperson about who else? Mom. It’s no surprise what they answered when asked who gives the biggest and best hugs. Simply put, it’s not complicated: moms are the best. 

So, what do all these advertisers have in common? Just like moms, they know best – and that includes that the best place where to reach their audience, in print or online, is with AARP Media. Learn more about how to connect your brand to the right audience, reach your rep.

Just how much do Americans honor their mothers? Last year we spent $3.65 BILLION ON JEWELRY, $2.35 BILLION ON FLOWERS, $780 MILLION ON GREETING CARDS. Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th in case you still have shopping to do.

Mother’s Day statistics Source: National Retail Federation