#5O-M-G InnovAGING to Live Life to the Fullest

What Happens When yoU Ask Young People to design a better world for aging? 

May 17, 2016 · Share via Email LinkedIn

Image titleArchitect Matthias Hollwich challenged his students and colleagues to come up with ideas that could make aging a fulfilling process. The results amazed him: a retirement community was re-envisioned as an empowerment environment, a nursing home became a healthiness hub, and tech designers were inspired to create volunteering apps to provide support to people as they journey through various lifestages. Excited, but knowing this vision for the future would be decades in the making, Hollwich wanted to create a guide for living longer better and smarter so that these ideas could become reality with the full force of everyone's ideas, young and old, working behind them.

Hollwich's book, New Aging: Live Smarter Now to Live Better Forever, is the product: an eye-opening guide to life that turns the challenges of aging into opportunities. These are life lessons that make sense for everyone to put into action now for a healthy, fulfilling life forever. His top takeaways fall into nine categories that can be implemented right away or step-by-step over the years.

Here are some of our favorite bits of inspiration for anyone of any age who wants to reimagine a whole life full of potential, opportunity, and joy.

  1. Love aging - What if we decided to transform our fear of aging into an appreciation for the beauty of living? Ideas range from thoughts on how to be more adventurous to musings on thinking of yourself as a pioneer exploring the uncharted territory of a new phase in life.
  2. Be social - As social animals, it's critical to make new friends and keep our bonds with other people strong throughout our lives. Hollwich shares ideas for redesigning the home and our neighborhoods to make living more communal.
  3. Never retire - Instead of throwing away years of happy productivity, why not retire from jobs that we never liked and trade them for ones that fuel our passions? It all starts with thinking outside the cubicle, and Hollwich has lots of ideas to get you started.
  4. Stay fit - Establishing fitness habits now will pay off in a long healthy life for years to come. Hollwich explores ways our physical and urban environments can be crafted and leveraged to make us healthier.
  5. Pass it on - Hollwich is passionate about the benefits of strategizing a life plan and leveraging the tools of the digital age to share stories with one another and with younger generations.

In Hollwich's eyes, aging is a gift we receive with life, and after reading this thought-provoking and playful book, you'll see it that way too. Welcome to your future - you're going to love it.