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May 5, 2016 · Share via Email LinkedIn

Sometimes epiphanies come when you least expect them. Marlene Clark, an executive coach and business consultant for over 20 years, experienced an aha! moment on the yoga mat. Between sun salutations and shavasana, she realized that yoga offered a new way to nurture and develop her natural leadership abilities. After 700 hours of yoga training, she now brings leadership into yoga as an instructor and brings the wisdom and physical presence of yoga into her coaching practice.

Lead yourself to your aha! moment

"Good coaching is always about leadership," she says. "Whether I'm working with a C-level executive, a rising star, or someone career transitioning, it's about inspiring each individuals innate ability to lead. My work with clients always comes down to answering the question, 'What future are you living into now?'" Marlene's work at Momentum Consulting is founded on helping clients see that they're living in the present and also into the future at any given moment. Helping people become aware of what they're doing at any given moment to create a future that has meaning is at the root of the work that she and her colleagues do.Image title

Finding inspiration for your next step

The idea of creating a new future for yourself can be bewildering. Answers and inspiration can be found by exploring sites such as LinkedIn, or Here you'll find groups to join, inspiring articles and profiles on how others have reimagined their future.

Coaching is also a proven way to sort out the answers and find a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Whether that means pivoting in your career, discovering meaning beyond your job, focusing in on new goals for achievement, or articulating what's really important to you, coaches can add value throughout the career journey.

Anyone ready and willing to change and grow can benefit from coaching. Here's how to get started.

What to Look for in a Coach

Chemistry - A good coach will be asking hard questions, and while they're not a therapist, things will get personal, so make sure to choose someone you "click" with.

ROI - Coaching is an investment, so make sure you begin by defining your objectives. Work with someone who helps define how you'll measure success in your work together.

Clear methodology - It's important to know how the work will unfold and a general roadmap for how you'll get from point A to B. The best coaches are completely transparent in their process.

Experience - Do a little detective work and ask questions about the training and experience of prospective coaches. Knowledge, perspective, and experience are vital to a successful coaching experience. Don't be afraid to ask for references and follow up.

Finding a Coach

Word of mouth can be a great start, but you can also look online for directories and marketplaces for freelance coaches. Coach Market and Life Coach are good starting points.

Once you get started, you might be surprised at all the ways working with a coach benefits you. With a little flexibility, balance, and open-mindedness, you'll discover that personal breakthrough isn't as much of a stretch as you thought it might be.

Spring brings new beginnings, find yours.