How AARP Media Takes on Marketers' Most Pressing Problems


June 2, 2017 · Share via Email LinkedIn

Ads placed next to questionable content. Measurement mishaps. “Bots” viewing ads. Cause-related marketing campaigns missing the mark.  In 2017, the perils of advertising are dominating headlines.

For example, in March, over 250 advertisers pulled out of YouTube because their ads appeared next to objectionable content.  Advertisers’ efforts to connect with social causes sometimes backfire, like Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner ad, which created a global controversy for its portrayal of a street protest.  There were revelations like Facebook’s inflation of viewing metrics. Plus, the World Federation of Advertisers warned that online ad fraud, including the use of “bots” to inflate site visits, has become widespread.

While there is no easy fix for these issues, marketers are taking a closer look than ever before at their media plans.  At AARP Media, we welcome this scrutiny as we have built our brand based on authenticity, honesty and trusted content.

Take a closer look:

1. AARP Media Accepts Only Highly Vetted Ads.

Years before the stories about scam ads and questionable contextual placements, AARP Media was leading the industry with our highly vetted approach.

Based on our strict advertising policies, not just any advertiser can appear in AARP’s print publications or on our digital properties.  Our advertisers must substantiate claims made in ads, demonstrate that the company is financially sound and show a good customer service record, as well as meet other criteria.

For marketers, this means total assurance that your message is going to be found among very good company, which creates consumer trust.  In fact, a recent survey showed that 81% of members say they trust the products and services advertised in AARP Media’s properties.

2. Our Media Properties Provide a Top-Quality Contextual Environment.

With all the news about troubling ad placements, marketers have begun reducing their number of media partners to focus on quality placements from trusted publishers.  With AARP Media’s properties, ads run alongside our high-quality editorial content that is created specifically for the key life stages of the 50+ demographic.

Ads will always appear next to quality content because AARP is focused on delivering content that supports our audience.  This provides the trusted environment that marketers are looking for today and makes our approach the ideal way to reach 50+ consumers, the nation’s largest and wealthiest consumer group.

3. Advertisers Benefit From Aligning with AARP, a Trusted Organization.

Associating with a cause is an important part of many marketing plans.  However, consumers are becoming increasingly savvy at realizing when those efforts seem inauthentic.

With nearly 38 million members, AARP is the nation's largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50+ to choose how they live as they age.  Advertisers who work with AARP Media benefit from the positive association with AARP, which advocates for 50+ individuals and their families, working on important issues like Social Security, healthcare and affordable housing.

In fact, 75% of members say they value product and service ads that appear in AARP Media’s properties because of AARP’s reputation and they know these ads have gone through the AARP vetting process.

What This Means for Marketers

From vetted advertisers to highly relevant content to being associated with one of the most well-respected non-profits in the country, AARP Media is the definitive solution to some of the biggest challenges facing marketers today.Image title