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At this point we know you don’t need convincing that adults 50+ are on mobile. In fact, over half of site visits come via mobile. This demo has fully adapted to mobile and their use of apps is growing. You may not find many adults 50+ on Snapchat (not yet anyway!), but apps rule how this demo uses their smartphones.  Pew Research reports that older adults are significantly more likely to consider their phones to be liberating. So, it's no surprise then that the popular apps for the 50+ market empower connection to the world, strengthening of the mind and control over health — all allowing for increased independence.

Here's four apps Adults 50+ love:

Words with FriImage titleends

As one of the most popular word games in the world, Words with Friends keeps your mind sharp no matter your age with digital crossword puzzles played with friends and strangers. Watch out - Boomers have many more years to become a L-E-X-I-C-O-M-A-N-E!

Red Panic Button

This emergency notice app allows you report an emergency with the touch of a single button. Plus, the app will also notify loved ones of the incident, too. Red Panic Button provides peace of mind for adults living independently and continuing on with an adventurous life.


Yup, you read that right. Boomers are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook. While children, grandchildren and friends may be far away, Facebook helps us all to stay up to date with the people who matter to them most. 

AARP NowImage title

AARP Now puts the power of AARP membership into the hands of the 50+ market. Directly from the app, users stay up to date with exclusive news and stories, discover events in their local community and search for local deals. And, users can easily update and renew their membership directly from the app, too. (Download: iPhone, Android)

The AARP Now app offers marketers new digital placements that are integrated into the user experience, see how you can APP-ly your brand message with this new opportunity. Contact us to learn more.