3 Things We Bet You Don't Know About Being 50+

Age Really Is Just a Number

September 20, 2016 · Share via Email LinkedIn

At what age do you become old? Whether you think it's 45 or 70, you probably aren't looking forward to it. But, what if we told you that "old" isn't what you think?

Recently, AARP put the notion of "old" to the test. Here's what it would really be like to be 50+:

1. You'd be healthy and in shape. 

While you might imagine that your back creaks the moment you turn 50, the truth is that adults over age 50 are one of the healthiest generations. In fact, Boomers championed the fitness revolution, making exercise not just about health, but also fun and self-expression. From Beach Boys popularizing surfing to Jane Fonda normalizing the at-home exercise video, exercise is part of every day life for the 50+.

2. You'd still be pretty tech savvy.

While the 50+ demographic isn't chasing Pokémon, they're up to speed with tech. With smart phone ownership among Boomers at 41 million and growing, it shouldn't be surprising that they represent 39% of all online purchases. Boomers are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook, too.

3. You'd keep learning and exploring.

Many adults see retirement as the start to an exciting chapter to follow their passions and see the world. Those that keep on with their careers find growth and satisfaction in reverse mentorship - learning never stops no matter your age! So, what is "old" anyways? Don't let your age decide!

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