It's Not Scary: 3 Reasons to Cast a Spell on the 50+ Market


October 27, 2016 · Share via Email LinkedIn

There are many reasons to be spooked this season: The holidays are just around the corner. The media landscape is more competitive and complex than ever. Though, media buyers possessed with results all have one thing in common — they're casting spells on the 50+ market with AARP.

Here's what the most wicked of media buyers know about haunting the 50+ market:

Boomers are the #1 consumer demographic.

The 50+ market accounts for 51% of all consumer spending. Yet, this spook-tacular statistic should be no surprise! Boomers have an average household wealth of nearly $765,000, enabling them to spend over $4.6 trillion each year on goods and services, beating out the spending of other generations by $400 billion. Plus, Boomers make 57% of all big ticket purchases - perfect for that big holiday surprise!

Boomers trick and tweet.

Well, not exactly. Boomers may not be the most tweet-savvy, though they're much more tech-forward than you'd think. 56.3% of Boomers own and use smartphones, and they're the fastest growing age group on Facebook. In fact, the 50+ market makes 39% of all online purchases, spending nearly twice as much online as Millennials!

Boomers are looking for new brands.

While it may be easy to assume that the souls of long-time consumers have already been stolen by other brands, that's not the case. Boomers are entering a new stage of life, and their shifting consumption habits open them up to new brand loyalties across new categories of products not previous considered — or that did not exist a decade prior!

The only thing you should fear this season is not targeting the 50+ market. It’s all treats, no tricks – reach a rep today to learn more.