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Why AARP Now Hero

Why AARP Media Now

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From AARP The Magazine To AARP Bulletin And AARP.Org, Discover How AARP Is Delivering Superior Value To Advertisers

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AARP’s media properties offer a winning combination: market-leading reach, readership, and performance; high engagement levels only the most trusted media can earn; and an audience that means business. The result? Superior value and benefits for advertisers.

Powerful Ad Performance

Consumers take more than 2.3 billion actions each year because of seeing an ad in AARP publications. And over the past 12 months – in an unusual business environment – our clients reported record-high print and digital advertising performance across nearly every industry, including finance, insurance, health, wellness, technology, and telecom. Here are just a few examples:

  • An online savings bank launched a campaign that generated a 52% lift in brand exposure, a 119% lift in purchase intent, and a conversion rate increase of 92%.
  • A national shoe company reported they saw a “5X increase in sales versus the same time last year.”
  • One of the largest real estate services companies increased their digital budget by 40% due to the high level of engagement and conversions they were seeing with us. They also expanded their custom content effort.
  • An eye health world leader ran an integrated print and digital campaign. Cross-media exposure lifted KPIs as high as 51%.
  • A major national retailer noted that AARP.org was their “#1 performing advertising partner.” As is the case with most of our clients, our partnership predates the pandemic. We’re proudly determined it will outlast it as well.

Why are these advertisers so successful? They’re tailoring their products, services, and messages to the specific needs of the 50+ audience – in a contextually relevant environment.

Essential Content From a Trusted Brand

AARP’s well-established reputation and must-read content generate remarkably high engagement. This is especially true today.

In fact, 86% of members say they trust the content in AARP media, but only 11% trust other media, according to the AMS Omnibus Study. We invest significantly in our editorial content, continually enhancing our lineups to ensure our members receive timely information that is most relevant to them.

Our members lean into AARP Bulletin for news, advocacy, and policy editorial. They lean back to enjoy the service journalism, compelling storytelling, first-person narratives, and celebrity profiles in AARP The Magazine. And they lean on AARP.org 24/7 as a top destination for expertise, tools, and recommendations.

Our reliable content is the reason why AARP The Magazine (30.6 million readers) and AARP Bulletin (30.4 million readers) are the top two most-read publications out of 133 magazines measured by MRI-Simmons. Content is also why AARP.org is seeing explosive growth, up from 12 million monthly unique visitors to nearly 30 million this year, with click-through rates doubling.

Now is the time for advertisers to strengthen relationships and build business with one of the most powerful consumer audiences in the market.