Digital Ad Specs

Goalpost Wallpaper

What is it:
Goalposts allow for your creative placement on both sides of an web page. the designer has the opportunity to blend this imagery into a custom selected background color for a seamless brand “takeover” experience. Your goalpost creative will remain stationary as the page scrolls.

IAB Compliant     


Ad Components Static Image, Background Color


File Types JPG, GIF
Dimensions 1400x1200
Max Initial File Load Size 200 KB
Page Background Color Hexidecimal
Allows 3rd Party Serving No
Allows 3rd Party Tracking Yes
Image Layout
  • Image must have 890x1200 white box centered horizontally to accommodate for the web page. 
  • Vital text and creative should be placed 60 pixels from the top, 120 pixels from the page edge and 600 pixels from the top.