Digital Ad Specs


What is it:

With more available real estate than traditional media, the Expandable Ad runs in standard ad slots and can include dynamic data, video streaming, polling, interactive games, and more. This unit expands from a 300x250 to a 600x250. 

IAB Compliant        HTML5 Capable


Ad ComponentsHTML5
Backup ImagePNG, GIF or JPG


File TypesHTML5
Collapsed Dimensions300x250
Expanded Dimensions600x250 expands up and left
Max Initial File Load Size45 KB
Subsequent Max Polite File Load Size100 KB
Subsequent Max User Initiated File Load Size2.2 MB for creative files
Subsequent Max User Initiated Additional Streaming File SizeUnlimited for streaming video
Max Video & Animation Frame Rate24 FPS
Max Animation Length15 seconds
Max Video Length30 seconds
Audio Initiationon click: mute/un-mute; default state is muted.
Allows 3rd Party ServingYes
Allows 3rd Party TrackingYes