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What is it:
Pop-up interstitials appear on top of an page right after the page load is complete. This high impact ad unit is served once a day to every unique visitor and it auto-collapses after 10-seconds if no user interaction is taking place.

IAB Compliant     


Ad Components Static Image or Flash
Ad Dimensions 640x480


File Types Flash or HTML5
Collapsed Dimensions 640x480
Max Initial File Load Size 85 KB
Subsequent Max Polite File Load Size 160 KB
Subsequent Max User Initiated File Load Size 2.2 MB for creative files
Subsequent Max User Initiated Additional Streaming File Size Unlimited for streaming video
Max Video & Animation Frame Rate 24 FPS
Max Animation Length 10 seconds (ad disappears if no interaction after 10 sec)
Max Video Length 30 seconds (ad disappears if no interaction after 10 sec)
Audio Initiation on click: mute/un-mute. default state is muted.
Allows 3rd Party Serving Yes
Allows 3rd Party Tracking Yes