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Digital Ad Specs

AARP Media Advertising Network offers a full range of online display ad formats across all screens: desktop, mobile, and tablet. Check this site often for the latest specifications, guidelines, and available formats. All ads must comply with and meet AARPʼs Advertising Policies, Digital Advertising Guidelines, and be SSL Compliant.

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  • Video Interscroller

    What is it:

    This mobile ad is revealed at the mid-point of a page as a user scrolls down. When a portion of the ad is in view, it snaps into place at 100% width and height and begins to play. When the user is finished interacting with the ad, they scroll up or down to continue viewing the page content. An end card is displayed at the completion of the video.


    Ad Components1) Video
    2) End Card Photoshop File
    3) End Card Flat Image File
    4) Font Files (if applicable)
    5) Landing Page URL
    6) Tracking Tags (optional)

    Video Specifications

    FormatMOV or MP4
    Dimensions1080p at 9:16 aspect ratio recommended, other aspect ratios may be cropped or require additional design elements to fill the container
    Duration:15 recommended, :30 max
    AudioUser Activated
    File SizeMax 50 MB
    Safe ZoneClick Here

    End Card Assets

    Photoshop File

    Dimensions: 640x920
    Layered: Yes
    PPI: 72

    Flat Image FileJPG or PNG
    Font FilesWOFF files preferred in a ZIP. If fonts are missing a substitute will be used.

    General Specifications

    3rd Party ServingNo
    3rd Party TrackingYes