Digital Ad Specs

320x50 Adhesion

What is it:

The mobile adhesion banner persists at the bottom of an AARP mobile web page on phones, changing orientation based on user interaction. When a viewer scrolls the ad unit will disappear and then reappear when the interaction stops. First click can either exit to  a landing page or expand the ad full-screen where a second click exits to the landing page.

IAB Compliant        HTML5 Capable


Ad Components Static Images or HTML5


File Types
Collapsed Dimensions
Expanded Dimensions
Portrait: 400x700 
Landscape: 700x400
Max Initial File Size 150 KB
Subsequent Max User Initiated Streaming File SizeUnlimited for streaming video
VideoStreaming optional in expanded panel
Max Video & Animation Frame Rate24 FPS
Max Animation Length 15 seconds
Max Video LengthUnlimited for streaming video
Video InitiationOn expand: play
Audio InitiationOn expand: unmute
Allows 3rd Party Serving
Yes we accept only secure ads
Allows 3rd Party Tracking
Yes we accept only secure trackers
Expand & CollapseOn click
Expand buttonUpper right of collapsed panel
Close [X} buttonUpper right of collapsed panel (no expand) or upper right of expanded panel
Safe Zone Templates:Landscape and Portrait