Guess Who's Reached A Big Milestone!

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These celebrities, all turning 50, are just getting started! This powerful demo has led the largest online migration of any single demo in U.S. history, ushering in new opportunities for marketers and advertisers. AARP Media Solutions offers many different print and digital methods to reach them.

Rock (Star) Accomplishments

Dwayne JohnsonWith enough acting credits and WWE championships to topple his six-foot, five-inch frame, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson holds a lesser-known achievement: a world record for taking 105 selfies in three minutes, all with fans at the San Andreas movie premiere. This helps explain why he’s the fourth most-followed person on Instagram. Johnson, who turned 50 on May 2, also holds the record for the highest-paid actor in a first-time leading role (The Scorpion King). When this third-generation WWF fighter isn’t filming the next blockbuster hit, he likes to get back to nature. The Hawaiian-born actor often escapes to his farm in southern Virginia to enjoy some downtime with his horses.

The Good Life

Christine BaranskiBorn and raised in Buffalo, New York, actress Christine Baranski is a surprising die-hard sports fan, faithfully cheering on her hometown football team, the Buffalo Bills. Acclaimed for her poised characters in The Good Wife and The Good Fight, the two-time Tony award-winner said her favorite film was Mamma Mia! because she and  Meryl Streep researched their characters over martinis every night. Baranski, who turned 70 on May 2, has been grabbing headlines lately for her role as Aunt Agnes, hailing from “old money,” in HBO’s The Gilded Age. While she was preparing, she discovered an unexpected connection to the role. Her husband, actor Matthew Cowles, comes from one such family, the Drexels, who are even mentioned in the show.

Dear John

Famed actor John Goodman grew up in a small town in Missouri, where his mother worked as a waitress and his father as a postal worker. He kicked off his career appearing in a Burger King commercial, but quickly skyrocketed to superstar status when he landed a role playing Dan Conner on Roseanne. Goodman, who turns 70 on June 20, reprised the role as one of the most beloved TV dads of all time in 2018. Throughout his accomplished career, he has appeared in five Cohen Brothers films, hosted SNL an impressive 13 times, and won dozens of awards -- including two wins from AARP Movies for Grownups Awards. When he’s not filming for his starring role as the patriarch in HBO’s religious satire The Righteous Gemstones, Goodman spends his time with his wife in their historic Victorian home in New Orleans’ Garden District.

Improv Masterclass

Wayne Brady wasn’t born a natural performer. He struggled with a stutter and was shy as a child. Growing up, he planned to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in the military. All that changed however, when he joined a local improv troupe as a teenager and discovered his love of acting. His first paid acting role was Tigger at Walt Disney World. Of course, that was just the beginning for the iconic cast member of Whose Line Is It, Anyway? The Emmy Award winning producer and actor, who turns 50 on June 2, produced Let’s Make a Deal, starred in The Wayne Brady Show, and lent his famous vocals to animated children’s series. Today he’s coaching the next generation of talent with virtual improv classes.

From “It” Girl to M.S. Advocate

Selma  BlairActress Selma Blair originally aspired to be a horse trainer or ballerina, and didn’t even get involved in acting until she moved to New York City to attend NYU. She quickly achieved “it” girl status with films like Cruel Intentions, She’s All That, and Legally Blonde. Blair, who turns 50 on June 23, has graced the pages of Vogue and Glamour, and was named one of People magazine’s most beautiful women. But in 2018, Blair’s life took an unexpected turn. She opened up about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis and turned her attention to advocating for those with disabilities. After documenting her struggles in 2021’s Introducing, Selma Blair, she received an Equity in Entertainment Award. She was also named one of Time Magazine's People of the Year, who recognized her as a “Silence Breaker.”

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