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WOOP It Up! #MotivationalMonday

What's Standing Between You and Your Goals?

Dream big, they tell us. But that's only half the story. Science shows that our positive fantasies, on their own, don't actually lead to success. In fact, they can lead to such warm fuzzies that they rob us of the energy to achieve our goals. Well, dream on dreamer, because now there's a new strategy that people can use to actually make their wishes reality. It's called WOOP and it stands for Wish Outcome Obstacle Plan. Start with the wish, visualize the outcome, analyze the obstacle within yourself that stands in your way, and make a plan to overcome it. So whether it's hitting your sales goal, starting a professional development plan or simply running your first 5K...WOOP it up!

Want more? There's a book and an app to keep you on track. Who needs a fairy godmother when you've got WOOP? #MotivationalMonday