AARP Native

Your Story, Our Audience

What is BrandAmp by AARP?

BrandAmp by AARP is a native content platform that gives our valued marketing partners the opportunity to share their expertise and insights with our highly engaged AARP members through a robust storytelling experience. Each piece of content is prepared in collaboration with your brand and AARP Media Sales’ content development team. This storytelling experience is amplified throughout and in select cases, across other AARP media channels such as social media, email newsletters, and print.

BrandAmp by AARP is designed to uphold AARP’s standards of content excellence, and to drive conversations among our members. We ask the same of our advertising partners; to deliver compelling, informative, entertaining and useful content that our readers rely on us for, and will help your brand carve out a thought leadership position in our media properties.

AARP offers two tiers of BrandAmp by AARP native opportunities depending on your brand’s objectives and budget.

Which one is right for you?

Tier 1 Custom Experience

  • Completely custom concept and storytelling told through responsive AARP-produced content and page experience. Co-branded and produced with AARP’s look and feel for seamless integration, and organically promoted as AARP content to create awareness, interest and engagement at scale.
  • Each experience is unique and will require consultation with a AARP Media Sales representative and our content development team.

Tier 2 Custom Article Package

  • An editorial-like platform that leverages AARP’s look and feel to deliver a brand’s content in a way that resonates with the 50+ audience. Native ad placements and paid amplification guarantee awareness and interest, and a banner ad roadblock on each article drives engagement and conversion opportunity.
  • Creative specs

If you’d like to know more about BrandAmp by AARP and see what type of program can bring your brand’s story to life, please email or call 646-521-2500.