Digital Ad Specs

Rich Media



What is it:

Interstitials appear on top of an page right after the page load is complete. This high impact ad unit is served once a day to every unique visitor. The ad will auto-collapse after 10-seconds if no user interaction (e.g., un-mute) has taken place. If the user has interacted with the ad, the ad can remain in place until the user closes it. Creatives that use animation or video longer than 10 seconds run the risk of the user not seeing the media in its entirety. Backup images are not applicable for this premium ad unit.

IAB Compliant        HTML5 Capable


Ad ComponentsStatic Image or HTML5


File TypesJPG, GIF, or HTML5
Max Initial File Load Size85 KB for Static Image / 150 KB for HTML5
Streaming File SizeUnlimited for streaming video
Max Video & Animation Frame Rate24 FPS
Max Animation Length10 seconds, no loops
Max Video LengthN/A with streaming
Audio Initiationon click: mute/un-mute. default state is muted
Allows 3rd Party ServingNo
Allows 3rd Party TrackingYes we accept only secure trackers