Digital Ad Specs

video interscroller

What is it:

This mobile only vertical ad unit is revealed as users scroll down an article page and appears “within” the article content approximately halfway down the article. When a specific amount of the ad is in view, it snaps into place and video playback begins. During playback, if the user continues to scroll, playback pauses automatically. If the video is brought back into view, playback resumes. An end card is displayed at the completion of the video. The end card contains the advertiser’s logo and a “Learn More” button automatically added by AARP.


Ad Components 1) Video File
2) Logo
3) Landing Page URL
4) Tracking Tags (optional)

Video Specifications

Format H.264 or MP4
Aspect Ratio9:16
Frame Rate25 FPS
Length15 sec max (8-10 sec recommended)
AudioOptional (deafult is muted)

Logo Specifications

FormatTransparent PNG
DimensionsMinimum 400px wide 
File Size200KB max

General Specifications

3rd Party Serving No
3rd Party TrackingYes

Compatible with the mobile phones running Apple’s iOS, Samsung’s Native OS 4.0+
and Android’s OS (Chrome only)