Digital Ad Specs

Hot Deals - Solo Email

What is it:
AARP members love a deal. So it’s no surprise that Hot Deals, an opt-in email designed to deliver timely deals and discounts, is the fastest growing and highest performing AARP email. Delivered under the trusted AARP heading, this transactional email flags your special offer with your logo, URL, product shot, copy and call-to-action in one impactful message. It’s an opportunity to position your product front and center without the distraction of competing products and services.


Email Components Logo Image, Copy, Banner

Logo Specifications

File Types PNG, GIF or JPG
File Dimensions 150x50
Max File Size 12 KB
Animation None

Copy Specifications

Headline 10 words max
Body 250 words max
Disclaimer250 words max
Call to Action 15 words max
Subject Line 100 characters or less

Banner Specifications

File Types PNG, GIF or JPG
File Dimensions 300x250
Max File Size 35 KB
Animation 15 seconds/ 3 loops

Other Specifications

Allows 3rd Party Serving No
Allows 3rd Party Tracking Yes we accept only secure trackers
Audio Permitted No